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Experimental Agro-Vehicle (VAE)

A robotic, autonomous vehicle for 4.0 Agriculture


  • To create an autonomous and reliable system for performing small scale agricultural tasks.
  • To improve the ergonomics and safety of the rural worker.
  • To Standardize and create records of field operations.
  • To Improve the field technician’s work.


What is the scope of the problem?

The development of new crop varieties and agrochemicals requires of a rigurous field testing program in order to achieve its certification. These tests are usually performed manually with an unnecesary rist to the worker and an increase in costs due to human error and uncertainty.

Our proposal:

An autonomous vehicle, that may be transported in a pick-up truck, that is able to spray fertilizers, pesticides and other products. The vehicle performs field tests in a controlled manner, assuring the quality of the results.

Experimental Agro-Vehicle (VAE)

VAE is under development since early 2017. Amongst its techical capabilities we can mention:

  • Weight: 190 kg.
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 1200 x 800.
  • Compact, fits in a pick up truck bed.
  • Power plant: gasoline + electric, 4 HP total power.
  • 8 hs. autonomy.
  • Anchor point for mounting tools
  • Controlled remotelly, autonomus direction under development.

VAE is conceived as a multi-use platform, upon which different tools can be placed; tools that may perform multiple tasks: agrochemical spraying, monitoring, pest controlling, etc.


VAE facilitates the field technician’s task, reducing the risk of exposure to substancesm increasing the efficiency of the field trial and encouraging the farming good practices.

We are currently in the early phases of development.



Since its inception, we’ve presented the VAE to various events and contests. We’ve had the following accolades:

Agroemprende 2017: Obtained one of the 10 mentions of honor at the awarding ceremony at Buenos Aires’ Rural Exhibition. More information.

CREAlab 2017: Were selected as one of the exhibits, along with other AgTech innovators. The event took place in Cordoba, Argentina, on October with great repercussion in media. More information.

BCR Innova 2017: Were selected as one of the finalists in the 2017 edition. The event took place in Rosario, Argentina on September 2017. More information.

Alltec 2017: Were selected as one of the finalists in the 2017; the final round of the contest took place on Octubre 31st in Buenos Aires. More information.

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